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Edition Michel 

Since 1996 Berlin based fashion and textile designer Johanna Michel  developed elaborate prints, which since 2014 are mostly based on the pictures of her father, the german artist Edwin Michel. The prints are derived from selected images of the paintings. The so-called "art crossing", the inclusion of visual arts in the design process of fashion generates links between different forms of expressions. On one side of the decades-old work of a renowned artist, on the other hand, the technology digital printing.

The silk and silk cotton scarves are manufactured in Germany in environmentally friendly digital printing method. The scarfes are hand manufactured in Germany and Poland.

Also these prints are the key elements of the collections of Edition Michel in the collaboration with the fashion label Rubin Chapelle. 

The New York-based designer Sonja Rubin and Kip Chapelle Rubin & Chapelle presented with their summer collection in September 2014 on the NYC fashion week Edition Michels´ first scarf collection. The collection creates an urban casual and classy Chic - innovative printdesigns combinded with high-quality processing.The fashion of Rubin & Chapelle is considered unique, sexy yet wearable.

The collection is devided in 5 editions, each based on one ore several original artworks.

Edition 1

Gold leaf technique                           

  Oil on wood


Edition 2

Acrylic on paper


Edition 3

Crayons on paper


Edition 4

Acrylic on Paper

Edition 5

Acrylic on paper